Tesla rocked by executive departures, Elon Musk's web show

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Musk, who has drawn attention to the company with a series of social media spats, was filmed smoking marijuana and drinking whisky in a 2-1/2-hour live web show with comedian Joe Rogan that swiftly spread across Instagram and other popular apps.

The interview lasted over two hours and saw the billionaire CEO sip whiskey and talk about everything from AI overlords to emotional lamentations of fossil fuels.

Musk has said the company is producing more than 5,000 Model 3 electric cars per week, and cash generated from the sales will bring sustained quarterly profits.

"You probably can't because of stockholders", Rogan joked, to which Musk reasoned, "I mean it's legal, right?"

"I'm getting text messages from friends saying, 'What the hell are you doing smoking weed?'" said Musk said later on in the interview.

The negative press Musk has received since his tweet last month about potentially taking the company private likely has some investors concerned about the executive's responsibilities. Virgin Group founder Richard Branson reportedly encouraged parents to smoke joints with their children.

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Tesla's stock had only just ended a seven-day losing streak on Thursday, with one analyst praising the company's recent execution.

Along with his electric vehicle company, Musk heads up space exploration firm Space X, tunnel construction firm The Boring Company, and Neuralink, which works on augmenting human brains with artificial intelligence.

The exodus from Tesla continued Friday morning, after news that two more executives had called it quits.

In August, Musk told the New York Times he was exhausted from too much work and difficulty sleeping in an interview that sharpened questions about his mental stability.

Chief Accounting Officer Dave Morton gave his notice on Tuesday that he was resigning less than a month into the job, according to a Friday filing.

Shares of the company fell almost 9 per cent ― the most in two years.

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"Am considering taking Tesla private at $420".

"Tesla stock drops 9% because [Eelon Musk] smoked some pot on a podcast. good lord, when are people gonna drop the stigma", one person said.

He said: I think the future in where we are a space-faring civilisation out there among the stars, that is very exciting.

On Friday, the head of Tesla's Human Resources department, Gabrielle Toledano, announced she would not return from a leave scheduled in June.

"This caused me to reconsider my future", Morton said. Keep this in mind, Mr. Morton was due a $10 million dollar new hire grant that would vest after four years with the company, and he willingly walked away from it.

Especially weird moments involving the Tesla chief of late include disparaging remarks about a Briton who helped save boys trapped in a cave in Thailand and the abrupt shutdown of Wall Street analyst questions during a contentious earnings conference call this spring.

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