Twitter to restore users' ability to see tweets chronologically

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If you're not a super fan of Twitter's current algorithmic timeline, you'll be pleased to learn that the micro-blogging site announced that it will test an accessible way created to let you switch back to the chronological arrangement more easily in the next few weeks.

Twitter says it will introduce the easy way to revert to a reverse chronological order in the coming weeks.

The method of muting specific terms in order to return a Twitter feed to chronological order was posted by user EmmaKinema, who shared her method for keeping suggested and recycled tweets out of her feed.

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Then, because tweets from certain followers didn't get prominent placing, you were less likely to interact with their tweets-and even more unlikely to see their tweets moving forward.

Twitter announced the move somewhat subtly in a series of tweets late Monday. The company changed its timeline algorithm to display relevant tweets based on a user's interactions on the app, launching the "Show your best Tweets first" option in a user's account settings page. Today, Twitter is rolling out a change that might undo some of this heightened sentiment. This setting will be replaced when the aforementioned easier-to-access switch rolls out.

Previously when the setting was off you would see the "In case you missed it" box, and recommended tweets from people you don't follow.

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So thanks to this, they've updated the feature so that when you turn it off, you'll see tweets from people you follow in reverse chronological order.

When using Twitter through a desktop browser, click on your profile picture at the top so that the menu appears.

It's great that Twitter is finally listening to its users after so much criticism for turning a blind eye to things like abuse and third-party app support. However, if users switch to the chronological timeline, they may begin to miss out on many viral tweets, which has become a defining part of the platform. Well, it seems Twitter has had our prayers since they are planning to bring back the live timeline. Next, select the "Settings and privacy" option, and then Content preferences.

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