U.S. government considers ban on flavored e-cigarettes over youth 'epidemic'

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The companies sell Vuse, Blu, Juul, MarkTen XL, and Logic e-cigarette brands, which account for 97 percent of USA e-cigarette sales, according to FDA.

The FDA is now investigating whether manufacturers introduced certain e-cigarette products to the market after August 8, 2016, and may be subject to enforcement for marketing those products without premarket authorization. A recent study estimates U.S. e-cigarette users at 10.8 million, with more than half under the age of 35. Health advocates argue that if FDA had simply stuck to its original timetable in a process that started back in 2016, Juul and other companies might already be addressing these same concerns.

To gain clearance to return to the market, the companies would have to prove that the benefits to adults who use e-cigarettes to stop smoking outweigh the risks associated with youth vaping. "This could mean requiring these brands to remove some or all of their flavored products that may be contributing to the rise in youth use from the market until they receive premarket authorization and otherwise meet all of their obligations under the law".

Juul owns about 72% of the United States market for e-cigarette sales, according to Wells Fargo. They also prohibited certain retailers who had violations from selling tobacco products for specific periods of time. Some retailers were additionally cited for illegally selling products to minors.

The FDA also targeted Juul retailers this spring, issuing 56 warning letters and six civil monetary penalties.

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When electronic cigarettes hit the market in 2004, they were seen as a positive alternative to tobacco smoking.

"Today we can see that this epidemic of addiction was emerging when we first announced our plan last summer", said Gottlieb. If the companies do not respond to the agency's satisfaction, the FDA said, it will consider removing their products from stores. The FDA may also limit the sale of certain flavored products, Gottlieb said. "The FDA won't tolerate a whole generation of young people becoming addicted to nicotine".

He said the company would support "reasonable regulation" to restrict advertising and the naming of flavors such as cotton candy and gummy bear that target children.

Shares of Altria MO rose more than 7 percent and British American Tobacco BATS-GB rose about 6 percent, both to their best day since November 2008. Ingredients also include glycerol, propylene glycol, natural oils, extracts and flavor and benzoic acid. If the don't, the FDA said it may pull the devices containing flavors that appeal to children from the market.

Juul Labs said it would work with the FDA and is committed to preventing underage use of its product.

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"We didn't predict what I now believe is an epidemic of e-cigarette use among teenagers", Gottlieb said. They're generally considered a less risky alternative to regular cigarettes. "Appropriate flavors play an important role in helping adult smokers switch", Burns said.

The Vapor Technology Affiliation, which says it represents over 600 vaping producers and distributors, furthermore helps limiting teen access, but added that the original actions by the FDA ventured "into unhealthy territory" by no longer being in essentially the most easy ardour of public successfully being.

"I wouldn't say they are harmless but we haven't had the opportunity to evaluate the real risks", he said.

"There has been an exponential growth in the sales of e-cigarettes, there been no change in the sales of tobacco and no substantive decline in the rate of tobacco smoking since the advent of e-cigarettes", said Phillips. Those companies have 60 days to comply. "It belongs to he U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and aims at promoting and protecting public health through the regulation and the supervision of various products among which tobacco products since 2009".

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