US accuses Russia of cheating on enforcing NKorea sanctions

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Haley again accused Russia of pressuring an independent panel of United Nations experts to alter a report on sanctions against North Korea that contained "evidence of multiple Russian sanctions violations". The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that the original draft of a confidential new United Nations report found Pyongyang has been able to circumvent restrictions, rendering "the latest U.N. sanctions ineffective".

In a news conference last week, Pompeo accused Russian Federation of pushing for changes to a report on the fulfillment of North Korea sanctions by an independent United Nations panel. The Treasury said in the release that Profinet continued to offer its services to North Korean vessels "even after its employees knew of oil-related sanctions on North Korea".

Haley added that Washington has evidence of these alleged violations, which include helping the North get banned fuel and refusing to expel a blacklisted North Korean.

A report compiled by an independent panel reviewing whether United Nations sanctions on Pyongyang had been implemented was submitted to the Security Council's sanctions committee in August. She said that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is still unable to gain access to the country and inspect nuclear-related facilities. It said some products allegedly were off-loaded from Russian ships.

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At the emergency UNSC meeting, Haley followed up her comments by claiming that Moscow was breaking the UN's restrictions on North Korea.

China and Russian Federation have argued that North Korea should be rewarded with the prospect of eased sanctions for opening up dialogue with the United States and halting missile tests.

The United States blocked release of the report on implementation of sanctions in protest at the changes in the latest version.

KCNA said Pak was "non-existent" and the act of cyber crimes mentioned by Washington "has nothing to do with us".

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"The final, fully verified denuclearization of North Korea is the global community's over-riding objective", said Haley.

Noting the progress that has been made toward building trust and reducing military tensions, including the halt to nuclear and missile tests by the North, she said that "a foundation has been established to make tangible progress on the core issues" through the inter-Korean and North-U.S. summits.

"What can we expect when Pyongyang is being called upon to unconditionally agree to comply with all of the conditions against a guarantee of empty promises", Nebenzia asked, saying the U.S. has broken promises to Tehran and pulled out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Nebenzya went on to say that there is still a "prospect" of the two Koreas signing a peace treaty to formally "end the state of war on the Korean Peninsula".

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Chinese Ambassador Mao Zhaoxu said "confrontation is a dead-end" and diplomacy must be "actively" promoted to bring an end to the standoff on the Korean peninsula.