Woodward: Trump Is 'Detached' From Reality, Jeopardizes National Security

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Two apparent key sources for Bob Woodward's devastating new book on Donald Trump criticized the author's depiction of the president Tuesday, suggesting he distorted their accounts.

Woodward's book, in fact, says Trump once called Modi a friend of his, and said he liked the prime minister very much.

The White House has also dismissed the book, calling Woodward's reporting "nothing more than fabricated stories".

It appeared to be another instance of the president versus the administration, as Trump proceeded on one track while the agencies largely moved on another.

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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders assured reporters Monday that the president is not now considering using lie detectors to figure out which senior administrative official wrote the anonymous op-ed, The Washington Examiner reported.

Case in point, one excerpt reveals the newly appointed National Economic Council director Gary Cohn's "I've had a huge mistake" moment in his first meeting with then president-elect Trump. Woodward also portrays as lifting material off the president's desk, said in a statement to Axios that the book "does not accurate portray my experience at the White House". Another 37 percent said it makes them less comfortable.

Although the primary topic of this video has to do with the debate between getting information that's off the record or instead on deep background, the moment that strikes perhaps hardest is that Woodward found the current iteration of the White House "shocking".

"You can write a sensational nonsense book". The book has created a controversy as Donald Trump and his office have criticised the book for misquoting the United States president. "It's been the same all along", he told journalists.

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"They are not telling the truth", Woodward said, adding: "These people, these are political statements to protect their jobs, totally understandable". "Bob Woodward is a liar who is like a Dem operative prior to the Midterms".

Trump doesn't realize "that the national security for the country comes from having trade relations and having security agreements, like North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and secret intelligence partnerships", Woodward added, calling it one of the most shocking revelations in the book.

Mattis and Kelly have both denied the quotes attributed to them, while Trump accused Woodward of lying and fabricating his quotes.

The book is number 8 on Amazon's Top 20 most sold and most read books of the week and Fear is already the sixth biggest seller of 2018 on Amazon, CNN reported. Dems can't stand losing. "We're in Crazytown", Kelly said, according to Woodward.

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The president's frustration grew when, soon after portions of Woodward's book were leaked, the New York Times published an anonymous op-ed by a senior Trump official who wrote of a quiet "resistance" inside the Trump administration, working against some of the president's wishes.