YouTube adds HDR support for iPhone Xs

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Based on current assessed value, the cost of the iPhone XS Max 48$ exceeds the amount of last year's model, and the market price is$ 100 more. It will also have a better battery life than iPhone X, offering 90 minutes more usage.

Apple's iPhone XS and XS Max will go on sale in India from September 28. The iPhone Xs Max boasts the "largest display ever on an iPhone". If they wanted to add another line to be assigned to their eSIM, they'd click on "Add Cellular Plan", as Apple describes on its Dual SIM website guide. This is why most Apple device remains caped at 1080p, even the Apple TV 4K.

The iPhone XS and XS Max are essentially the same phone. The most expensive component of the phone is the 6.5-inch Samsung display at $80. Another shared, "XS Max T-Mobile".

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In places where my iPhone 7 Plus and iPad (2017) are able to connect to the 5ghz network just fine, the XS has trouble. The iPhone XR also gets portrait mode and depth control, just like the iPhone Xs. We will add that in Russian Federation the iPhone XS and XS Max will be released in two days, and the price of the top model will be 130 000. When you get your new iPhone, it'll take you through a setup process that includes the option to restore everything from your iCloud backup over Wi-Fi.

Well, no matter how tough it is, glass is still glass.

Unfortunately, if you're looking on Amazon for iPhone XS cases, you may be taking a risk.

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Innovation isn't cheap but that's what our customers want, argues Apple CEO Tim Cook. While the price of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max has been a point of debate so far, it's is interesting to find the cost of iPhone XS Max to understand what it takes for Apple Inc. There's no question that the iPhone XS and XS Max are the smallest "S" update we've ever seen. Then you're living dangerously. Despite higher prices per unit, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) found that consumers are willing to pay top-dollar for newer devices.

But while those subtle improvements probably aren't reason enough to upgrade from an iPhone X, the extra screen size might be.

However, there is one particular area where the iPhone will need to catch up with Android phones and we're not quite sure if Apple will allow this in future iOS updates. Like the iPhone X, the feature is still missing from the iPhone XS.

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