Amid Tensions Over Syria, Netanyahu & Putin Agree To Meet

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She has been charged with fraudulently obtaining more than $100,000 (€86,7000) from the state for ordering hundreds of meals from restaurants, bypassing rules that forbid using such monies if a cook is employed at home.

At the beginning of the government meeting on the morning of 7 October, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he had held telephone talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

One particularly high-profile example occurred in 2017, when both the premier and his wife appeared in court in their libel case against a journalist's claim that Sara Netanyahu kicked her husband out of the auto during a row.

Israeli prosecutors say Sarah Netanyahu is accused of misuse of funds, paying almost 100,000 USA dollars for food deliveries.

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Netanyahu's lawyers have argued she was oblivious to the regulations and that the meals were ordered by an assistant and served to visiting dignitaries.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was questioned on Friday for the 12th time, in two cases in which the police recommended to indict him for bribery and other offenses. He denies any wrongdoing and accused the investigations as part of witch hunt orchestrated by the "leftist" media and his political enemies.

Sara Netanyahu has previously been accused of pocketing cash from deposit refunds for empty bottles returned from the official residence. She was not asked to enter a plea.

According to the rules of the state, the chefs at the residence of the Prime Minister must provide them and their immediate families daily meals.

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Transcripts from police investigations have sporadically been leaked to the media, painting an unflattering picture of Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been trying to ease tensions with Russia since the incident in which Syria downed a Russian spy plane during an attempt to retaliate against Israeli aircraft.

It seemed unlikely her current legal woes would cause significant political damage to her husband, now in his fourth term as Israel's leader and riding high in opinion polls despite the allegations against him.

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