Amy Klobuchar Weighs In On Her Confrontation With Brett Kavanaugh

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In other words, it was illegal for Kavanaugh to drink as a freshman and the first semester or so of his sophomore year, a period when he, like most of his peers, nevertheless drank. In fact, he was never legal in high school because the state's drinking age increased to 21 at the end of his junior year, while he was still 17.

A New Yorker report published Sunday detailed an allegation that Kavanaugh exposed himself to Deborah Ramirez, a Yale student, at a dorm-room party as onlookers watched during the 1983-84 school year.

Kavanaugh mentioned his appreciation for the yeasty beverage during his opening statement to the committee, almost an hour after Christine Blasey Ford finished telling the committee about the evening she says he attempted to rape her when they were in high school.

Kavanaugh sought to downplay Roche's remarks, pointing to a redacted report to the Senate Judiciary Committee, a report he did not "really want to repeat that in a public hearing", and said "there was contention" between him, Roche, and another person.

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Kavanaugh: No. I remember what happened and I think you've probably had beers, Senator? Sometimes others did. I liked beer.

"I drank beer, my friends and I", Kavanaugh said.

"Could you answer the question judge?"

Jennifer Rubin, a conservative commentator for the Washington Post and a prominent critic of President Trump and the GOP, wrote a column later in the evening calling the exchange the "most telling moment" of a hearing in which a yelling, angry Kavanaugh appeared unable or unwilling to get out of attack mode. Yes, we drank beer, I like beer, I still like beer, we drank beer.

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Kavanaugh: You're asking about blackout. If everyone in high school who drank beer in this country was accused of sexual assault, Kavanaugh said, the country would be in a dark place.

"Nor do I", Kavanaugh concluded.

"Nor do I", Kavanaugh said.

"Yes we drank beer, my friends and I, boys and girls". And the drinking age was 18. Do you like beer, senator, or not? Klobuchar, nodding slightly, returned to the questioning: "You're saying there's never been a case when you drank so much that you didn't remember what happened the night before, or part of what happened?" "Was there ever a time when you drank so much you couldn't remember what happened, or part of what happened, the night before?" Kavanaugh's bio in the senior yearbook notes that he was a member of the "Keg City Club (treasurer) - 100 Kegs or Bust". In those respects he was not at all unusual compared to his peers, who officially were not allowed to drink, did it anyway, and sometimes "had too many beers".

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