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The new Doctor landed on Earth to save the day against a creature who was hell bent on hunting down a human as a trophy, alongside Tosin Cole's Ryan and Bradley Walsh's Graham. Like the behind the scenes crew, we learn that each of our new Compani- wait, sorry, we're calling them "Friends", now; new era and all that- are struggling to find their footing.

How did they keep Jodie Whittaker's reveal film a secret?

This first ten minutes of the premiere - so devoid of the Doctor's presence that even her new opening credits and most of her trademark theme song are nowhere to be found - is where Chibnall and company get their chance to show us what they're working with when it comes to mystery and suspense.

Her entrance was also bigger than debuts by previous doctors including David Tennant, Matt Smith and Capaldi.

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The Doctor's gender was not the only thing that felt new.

From the moment she crashes through the roof of a train, still dressed in predecessor Peter Capaldi's ill-fitting clothes, to the scene near the end where she chooses her own distinctive costume of long coat, rainbow top, braces and culottes (I'm glad I have daughters to tell me what these things are called), she owns the role.

Whittaker's first outing as the Doctor also almost doubled the ratings for the BBC One series when compared with the first episode of the previous run in 2017, which had an average overnight audience of 4.6 million. I mean, genuinely. I love her.

"I just think there's no decision, if you are in a meeting with an incredible writer like Chris Chibnall, who you know is show runner of this extraordinary show, and the conversation you're having is 'would you audition for The Doctor?', as an actor I think there'd be a very long list of pros and a very short list of cons".

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Another posted: "So nice to get northern voices in roles like this".

Jodie Whittaker has gone on record already saying that she finds the negative response "ridiculous", as its high time for a woman Doctor. The monster, a trophy-hunter alien who collects the teeth of his victims as facial decorations, is legitimately creepy, and the show provides the audience with enough information to fall for the same red herring as the Doctor, allowing for misdirection and surprise. Fans of the reboot have thus far been robbed of this experience, and I hope that we can expect more ludicrous finales as the weeks roll by.

While a fourth agreed: "I was honestly so anxious about tonight but I REALLY love Jodie as The Doctor!"

Despite these shortcomings, there's a lot to be excited about in this episode. And isn't Jodie Whittaker just fabulous!?

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"We're really proud of it", Chibnall told Comic-Con over the weekend. The best is yet to come for the Thirteenth Doctor, and that's how it should be.