Free Drive-Thru Flu Shots Being Offered

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Flu vaccines need to be administered every year because the vaccine declines in the body's immune system over time and because the flu virus changes each year.

The first death from the flu this season has been reported in CT.

Last year, active flu cases were still being reported into late May and were associated with over 80,000 deaths in the Unites States, including 230 children (most of whom were not vaccinated). With the influenza season upon us, the Ministry of Health is encouraging at risk groups to get vaccinated.

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"Regardless of whether the vaccine is a good match or a less optimal match it still is recommended for people to take advantage of the influenza vaccine each year because it can reduce the risk of becoming infected and reduce the risk of transmitting the virus onto others", she said.

The CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics urge anyone ages 6 months and older to receive the vaccine before the end of October when flu activity typically experiences an increase.

But you can still get the flu-even after you've received the vaccine. Please make it a point to see your primary care physician, pediatrician or visit us anytime at Lakes Urgent Care.

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The Saskatchewan Health Authority will begin distributing free flu shots this week.

If you get the flu after having the vaccine, doctors say your symptoms are typically less severe.

Aside from getting vaccinated annually, the number one thing everyone can do to help prevent the spread of influenza and other infections is to wash hands frequently and properly.

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Flu germs can live on theses surfaces for up to 24 hours.