Google Assistant is getting an updated UI for mobile devices

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The changes come as a result of realizing that almost half of all Google Assistant interactions involve both voice and touch, so it's now a lot more visual.

New controls for your smart home devices. The blog post doesn't specifically say whether the update is rolling out or not, but we can assume it's now rolling out on iOS and Android over the coming days. Assistant users will be able to use Google's Sign-In for the Assistant protocols, once app developers implement it, to seamlessly sign into their Google accounts without typing passwords.

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At first, the Google Assistant was designed primarily as a voice-based helper. This new visual refresh will make it easier to get things done when you are using your hands, your voice, or a combination of the two. Google has announced that it will add touch-interactive elements to replies within Google Assistant for better and quicker interactions with your phone.

As the images show, users get access to a clean interface with prominent visual elements, such as videos, weather info, info cards for places, direct access to apps and sharing options, and more. The same concept applies if you ask Assistant to lower or raise the volume of a nearby smart speaker. Additionally, it is now easier to access an overview of the day on Android smartphones. Starbucks now has thumbnails to select from recommended items on their menus, Food Network has larger images of their recipes, and FitStar uses GIFs to give you a preview of your workout. Once you're in the Assistant (Long press that home button) and swipe up on your screen to see a list of what's happening in your day and recent interactions with the Assistant.

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To be fair, this isn't fundamentally changing the way you will use Assistant with your voice-that is still very much a core part of the way the service is used, and it always will be.

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