Google's YouTube Said to Be Hosting Videos on 'How to Hack Facebook'

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Keep in mind that accounts were compromised, so not changing password leaves them open to risk of hackers.

"We also don't know who's behind these attacks or where they're based", he wrote.

Recent college graduate Dahiana Fernandez has had Facebook for years.

Facebook said it logged out around 90m users as a safety precaution, while around 50m were believed to be affected.

Ireland's Data Protection Commission, which is Facebook's lead privacy regulator in Europe, said Saturday that it has demanded more information from the company about the nature and scale of the breach, including which European Union residents might be affected.

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The social network had about 270 million users in India at end of July, according to Statista website.

Over the past few days, Facebook noticed massive unwanted traffic in its "view as" feature, forcing company engineers and security experts to scrutinise its backend code.

"It's clear that attackers exploited a vulnerability in Facebook's code that impacted 'View As, ' a feature that lets people see what their own profile looks like to someone else", he said in a Facebook blog post Friday.

After detecting the breach, Facebook has fixed the vulnerability, informed law enforcement, and temporarily turned off the "View As" feature. That access let the intruder act like users on their profiles, or on any applications where they signed in using Facebook.

Beyond the CA scandal, Facebook estimates the data of almost all its users may have, at some time, been retrieved without their knowledge.

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According to a report in The Wall Street Journal on Sunday, Ireland's Data Protection Commission which is Facebook's lead privacy regulator in Europe, has asked Facebook to submit more details in the incident where data of over 50 million users were hacked via "Access Tokens" or digital keys.

The company has also reset the access tokens of the 50 million accounts that were known to have been breached, as well as 40 million accounts that have been subject to a "View As" look-up in the previous year, as a precaution. It would be disingenuous to pretend that the concerns driving the backlash against Facebook are totally bipartisan, but the network has tread well into risky territory - and if it turns out attackers gained access to and misused sensitive user data, it could get much worse, quickly. More than 90 million users were pushed to log out from their devices, while the "view as" feature behind the havoc was also disabled.

"I don't think you should panic because your taking a risk every time you get online, and you know that when you login into something that there is a data risk, Campbell said". Two-factor authentication involves the use of a one-time password as you try to log into your account.

Moreover, you can uninstall the Facebook app and re-install it later, for that will ensure your old authentication tokens are lost. Even if your account was not impacted, it would be best to change your password for additional security.

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