Island dairy farmers fear losses under new NAFTA

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President Trump, however, says he is not hopeful the next deal will be approved by Congress in the next year, saying 2020 election politics could hold up passage.

In the end, the talks went down to the wire, with Kushner abandoning plans to spend the Jewish festival of Sukkot with his family late on Sunday, the person in Washington said, as Canada and the United States thrashed out the last details of a deal.

One promise of President Trump's campaign checklist?

Trump did succeed in securing dairy concessions from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. "It's going to be fair and the key thing is we have some time". "The setting itself up as the rule-writer, judge and jury", she said.

"Now again, we get hit". The new agreement includes side letters that grant exemptions from any future U.S. tariffs to 2.6 million imported passenger vehicles from each of those countries.

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A 37-year-old real estate tycoon married to Trump's daughter Ivanka, Kushner has the trust of his father-in-law, and crucially, is close to Lighthizer, a Canadian source with knowledge of the talks said. The U.S. wanted to get rid of it.

While some Wisconsin farmers are happy about the new trade deal President Trump negotiated with Canada and Mexico, others are skeptical.

While under NAFTA, Chinese companies were able to evade tariffs by selling components to Canada or Mexico, then shipping those products tariff-free into the USA market, trade experts have also pointed out that the new agreement with Mexico and Canada includes a provision that targets China's bad practices.

The U.S. -China strife is also rooted in longstanding conflict between the two countries, which has put the American ideas of free trade at odds with China's state-led development structure.

The U.S. and Mexico reached a consensus weeks ago, leaving Canada racing to meet a midnight deadline on September 30th to stay in the trilateral agreement. This is about 12 percent higher than what was mandated under the original NAFTA.

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The deal, which replaces NAFTA, still has to be signed by leaders of all three countries and must be ratified by their respective governments.

The agreement will benefit farmers, ranchers and automobile workers, Trump said.

The agreement's rules of origin, which govern how much value of a vehicle needs to be made in the region, have been touted by the Trump administration as a tool to keep out Chinese inputs and encourage production and investment in the United States and North America.

China has complained bitterly about the United States "holding a knife to our neck" to force trade concessions while negotiations have all but broken down, with no more talks planned in the foreseeable future.

"Democrats will closely scrutinize the text of the Trump administration's NAFTA proposal and look forward to further analyses and conversations with stakeholders", House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. Both Canada and Mexico have agreed to respect drug patents on biologic drugs-the most promising field of new cures-for a period of 10 years, which means Americans won't be only ones from whom drug companies can recover expenses. Ford says he's also concerned about steel and aluminum tariffs that appear to remain in place.

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USA administration officials said the deal provides increased access to Canada's dairy market for US producers and limits the American impact of Canada's controversial supply management system for dairy and poultry products.