Kanye West reveals pointless iPhone code during White House meeting

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Rapper Kanye West made a bee-line to the Apple store shortly after revealing his iPhone password on national television during an extended Oval Office rant along with President Trump.

West dominated the conversation with a series of monologues that touched on social policy, mental health, endorsement deals and his support for the president.

He continued, "Let's stop worrying about the future all we have is today...Trump is on his hero's journey right now".

He went on, "People expect that if you're black you have to be Democrat". But, he said, "This hat, it gives me power in a way".

He showed the president a video on his phone of a plane powered by hydrogen, and suggested that Mr. Trump should fly in it.

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Rapper Kanye West, also known as Ye, is headed to the White House to meet with President Trump. "He has to be the freshest, the flyest" and have "the flyest planes".

Kanye said the red MAGA baseball cap "made me feel like Superman", before telling Mr Trump: "You made a Superman cape for me". He's been a great guy, he's a smart cookie, smart. The number one thing he wanted to discuss with Trump, he said, is "stop and frisk" law enforcement practices that allow police to stop and search people on the street. So the fathers lose the jobs and they say we'll give you more money for having more kids in your home.

"It's attractive though." He said that Trump had given him (we assume metaphorically) "a Superman cape" to help do good.

West said he loved everyone - including Trump's former presidential rival, Hillary Clinton - but he said he could relate to Trump's "male energy".

After the rapper finished his 10-minute soliloquy, he got up and hugged Trump. "That's from the heart".

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West recently made waves by wearing Trump's signature "Make America Great Again" hat during an appearance on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" and delivering a pro-Trump speech after the show went off the air.

Trump welcomed West to the White House on Thursday afternoon, saying the rapper "has been a friend for a long time". Also, at that point, it was illegal for blacks to read, or African Americans, to read.

West has been a longtime support of Trump, describing the president as "my brother" and sometimes donning a "Make America Great Again" hat. He loves him - and proved it Thursday by striding from his chair at a surreal White House meeting to hug the president.

Asked about his comments in 2005 that President George W. Bush didn't "care about black people" after Hurricane Katrina, West said that "We need to care about all people" and that he "was programed to think in a victimized mentality".

West added that he won't "answer questions that are simple soundbites" as "you are tasting a fine wine that has multiple notes to it". "I just channeled it".

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