Kavanaugh Classmate Chad Ludington Drops the F-Bomb on CNN

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In a memory that slightly differs from the ice-throwing police report to which The Times refers, Ludington said that Kavanaugh "threw his beer" at a man sitting at the bar - a man whom the group first believed might be the singer of the band UB40.

Mr. Kavanaugh was not arrested, but the police report stated that a 21-year-old man accused Mr. Kavanaugh of throwing ice on him "for some unknown reason".

Within moments, another Kavanaugh friend, Yale basketball star Chris Dudley, was involved, Ludington said.

(UPDATE - 1:19 P.M.) In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, a New York Times spokesperson says the paper should have commissioned a newsroom reporter to cover the alleged Kavanaugh incident instead of Bazelon.

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Ludington said in the statement that Kavanaugh was a belligerent, aggressive drunk who hung out with jocks, drank other alcohol products in addition to beer, and he once saw Kavanaugh throw a drink in a man's face as a response to a semi-hostile remark. He was a classmate of Brett Kavanaugh's at Yale University and said he often drank with him.

Ludington said Kavanaugh was trying to figure out whether a man at the bar was UB40 lead singer Campbell, who would have been coming from the concert and in his 20s at the time. "This is not a man who said that he was flawless with respect to alcohol".

The FBI has reopened a background check on the Supreme Court nominee, but the probe is narrowly focused, top officials said in interviews on Sunday. This was the hearing during which Kavanaugh tried to downplay his past drinking habits while denying the multiple sexual misconduct allegations that have been made against him.

The man then swung at Kavanaugh and Dudley struck him with a bottle, Ludington said. I never ever saw Brett blackout.

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Mr. Dudley denied the accusation, according to the report. But when it comes to the frequency and severity of his drinking there, some former classmates are raising questions about how truthful Kavanaugh was in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee and offering to tell FBI investigators what they know. "I drank beer with my friends". I don't remember the gig in question [in Connecticut], but we did more than 1,000 shows in the U.S. in the 80s.

The White House has directed the Federal Bureau of Investigation to look into at least two allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh in the wake of last week's powerful testimony from both Kavanaugh and one of his accusers Christine Blasey Ford.

USA media report that the Federal Bureau of Investigation spoke with Ms Ramirez, who accuses Judge Kavanaugh of exposing his genitals to her during a college party, on Sunday. It is from this experience that I concluded that although Brett was normally reserved, he was a notably heavy drinker, even by the standards of the time, and that he became aggressive and belligerent when he was very drunk.

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