NASA denies hole on Space Station was confirmed to be deliberate

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"At the time, I think, the odds of identifying the exact causes will be much greater", added Rogozin.

The odd tale started on August 29 with the discovery of a small hole in a Soyuz craft attached to the ISS.

"This conclusion does not necessarily mean the hole was created intentionally or with mal-intent". Dimitri Rogozin the general director of Russian space agency Roscosmos made a public comment in this week which shut out the reason of manufacturing defect. "The agreement is expected to be signed in the near future", the source said.

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Russian Federation still has the second half of its investigation to complete, at which point we might finally know where and when the hole was created, but for now we'll have to just watch NASA and Roscosmos continue this awkward dance.

The International Space Station program is tentatively planning a spacewalk for November to examine the hole from the outside.

An astronaut and cosmonaut are due to travel to the ISS on October 11 aboard a Russian Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

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With space exploration being one of the few remaining areas where Moscow and Washington continue to cooperate, Russian and US officials have sought to downplay any suspicions about the ISS incident.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine will attend next week's Soyuz launch and plans to meet with Rogozin to discuss the highly sensitive matter.

ISRO scientists and engineers have been working on the Gaganyaan spacecraft for the mission. They had a telephone call on September 12 during which they discussed the International Space Station leak.

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"Problems with NASA, of course, have appeared, but not through the fault of NASA, but through the fault of those American circles outside of NASA", he said. He also raised the issue of the US-military X-37 aircraft. We don't understand its purposes. "Essentially, this thing can be used as a weapons carrier", said Dmitry Rogozin.