Nintendo has patented a working Game Boy shell for your smartphone

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It has been reported that Nintendo is working on a case that can turn a smartphone into a working Game Boy, fulfilling the dreams of nostalgic gamers worldwide.

We don't know which devices Nintendo may be developing its Game Boy case for, but we do know that Link's Awakening is a classic worthy of being continually rediscovered by new generations of smart phone-toting fans.

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The drawings primarily show fingers being used to control the games, but if you see the patent's language includes mention of a possible camera and a microphone addition for input, alongside "an external operation apparatus". A pair of those will cost you 50 - hopefully this phone case, if it materialises, will come a little cheaper.

The patent was filed on March 16, 2018, showcasing a smartphone clipped into the back of a foldable hard casing in the style of a Game Boy. Connectors at the top and the bottom of the device also remain unobstructed, allowing users to plug in headphones or charging, although the latter isn't recommended while gaming as this can potentially degrade batteries further.

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Although the patent images show only a mobile device, the product description indicates that the case may not be intended exclusively for this objective. Presumably, the game will be played on the smartphone inside the case, with the video visible through the window in the front of the case. Simply purchase the case, place your phone inside and download an app, which will take the form of a Game Boy emulator. Nintendo has a huge backlog of wildly popular games, and to be able to jump into them on a bus for five minutes with a device I already own would be pretty fantastic. Today we're not talking about a 3rd-party case, but a Nintendo official case.

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