Pokemon GO Gets Incredibly Useful ‘Adventure Sync’ Feature

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The move of adding the Adventure Sync feature has come after an global survey of almost 2,000 Trainers, according to which, 70 percent of the participants reported Pokemon Go had motivated them to walk more, while 64 percent said that after they played this game, they felt the need to go out. Now, it has revealed another new feature on the way to the game: Adventure Sync.

Adventure Sync doesn't have a firm release date, but Niantic says the feature will be rolling out to players around the world soon. Rather than needing to open the app to record your walking distance, Adventure Sync will record your steps even when GO isn't open and then apply it when you're back in game.

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The next Pokemon Go software update will allow for background step counting.

However, we think that the best thing about the new feature is that it won't require the purchase of a Pokémon Go Plus tracker or a smartwatch. Adventure Sync will connect to Apple Health on Apple devices and Google Fit on Android devices. This will allow you to hatch eggs and collect buddy candy without draining your battery or using up all your data. The feature will also include a weekly summary that will break down your incubator and candy progress, so you can keep track of exactly how far you traveled. And just in time, too, because you'll be able to trade in all that Halloween candy calories for in-game sweets.

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This will give players even more incentive to stay on their feet as it will enable them to reach their walking goals sooner and hatch eggs more efficiently. Each week, the players can earn corresponding rewards for each milestone they cross, according to the blog post.

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