Soon You’ll Be Able to Change Your Tired Old PSN ID

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The much-requested PSN Online ID Change feature is now entering PlayStation's Preview Program. One thing that hasn't changed, though, is the PlayStation Network ID you chose when you got a brand new PS3 that year-or any time in the past 12 years for that matter. You also have the option of displaying your earlier name alongside it, so your friends will know who you are. However, unlike the previous setting, this option is only available while applying the change and not after.

This is very similar to Microsoft's Xbox Live name change policy: The first time is free, but after that you'll have to pony up some cash. The first name change will be free, but to discourage abuse, each further name change will cost £7.99 or £3.99 if you are a Plus subscriber.

Now, at long last, PSN will fall in line with virtually every other online service you can think of and let users change their name. When PlayStation Network online ID changes officially launch, Sony will publish a list of compatible games released before April 1, 2018.

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How can I change my PSN name?

Preview program to launch at the end of November.

All games released after April 1, 2018 will be compatible, while developers have been hard at work to get the feature working on games released prior. There will be a way to fix these problems, but you may not like it.

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If you ever wanted to change your PSN Online ID on your PS4 but were frustrated at the lack of ability to do so, there is some good news on the horizon. However, not all PlayStation games and applications will support name change. If gamers run into an issue with their new ID, they can revert back to their old one once during the beta testing.

You'll have the option to revert to your old name if you do have issues, but Shuman's exact words are that this will solve most issues.

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