Stardew Valley Coming to Android and iOS Next

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In a surprise announcement, Chuckldefish and one-man developer Concerned Ape revealed a mobile port for Stardew Valley. The iOS version launches October 24, 2018 and the Android version will arrive later. Barone said he hopes to have more news about an exact launch date soon. While the game will launch first on the iOS App Store, The Secret Police are now working on finishing up the Android version, and I hope to give you more news about an exact launch date soon.

It gets better. Not only will the game cost a very reasonable $7.99, but it will include all of the version 1.3 single-player content.

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What features will Stardew Valley have on the iPhone? Unfortunately, there's no way to sync with your PC-you'll just have to copy the game's data over via iTunes. It's also coming to Android at a later unspecified date.

One day Stardew Valley will be on as many platforms as the original Doom.

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Pre-orders are available starting today. The iOS version is the full game, Barone assures fans, and it plays nearly identically to its PC and console counterparts. This will not affect work on the multiplayer update for consoles, which is being developed by the team at Sickhead Games.

So you enjoy the peacefulness of farming in Stardew Valley, what if I told you that you that you can soon take your farm with you on your phone? There's a lot about Stardew Valley that the game doesn't really explain, which makes jumping in a bit daunting. Ozzie has become a big fan of platformers, puzzle games, shooters, and RPGs, just to name a few genres, but he's also a huge sucker for anything with a good, compelling narrative behind it.

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