Stormy Daniels shows Jimmy Kimmel which mushroom looks like Trump

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She told Kimmel that Trump had Old Spice cologne in the bathroom, but when Kimmel added "and you made love", Daniels quickly clarified the encounter. During the nearly 10-minute long segment, Daniels discussed meeting Trump at his hotel room in the mid-2000s, spanking the future-president with a magazine, and praying "for death" while having sex with him. "Please God, let him be watching this right now", quipped Kimmel, who has made his thoughts on the president - and his kids - pretty clear.

Of the detail that Daniels spanked Trump with a magazine, Kimmel asked, "What does he do, when you spank Donald Trump?" to which Daniels responded, "Do you want me to show you?"

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Daniels also recalled new intimate details regarding her alleged 2006 affair with Trump, which Trump has denied.

In her book, "Full Disclosure", Daniels had written: "I lay there, annoyed that I was getting f--ed by a guy with Yeti pubes and a d-- like the mushroom character in 'Mario Kart'". Not only did he have pages of the book highlighted and tabbed, at one point he displayed a tray of orange toadstool mushrooms so that Daniels could pick which one most resembled Trump's "unusual" genitals.

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"I still don't know!" she responded.

"Gross!", yelled Daniels. "What's wrong with you?" To help viewers get a better picture of Trump's junk, Kimmel pulled out a display of very orange mushroom heads. Daniels, always in on the joke, asked if he could "hold it up so that it's coming at [her] at the correct angle". Daniels asked, before picking out one of the smaller mushrooms as "the most accurate depiction". "I don't think I've ever been so happy", he said later.

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