The new Supreme Court

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About 54 percent of registered voters said they approved of the Senate confirming Kavanaugh to the high court.

On the campaign trail, Cramer - who supported Kavanaugh's SCOTUS confirmation - criticized Heitkamp for joining Democrats and standing behind their smear campaign of the Trump-appointed conservative judge ... and he went on to discount the #MeToo movement at large. Kavanaugh has sent more female law clerks to the Supreme Court than any other judge in the country.

Many distinguished justices have become legends on the Supreme Court, such as Justice Joe Kennedy, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Chief Justice John Roberts.

"There were protesters in the Capitol who were making their voices heard, which is protected by the U.S. Constitution and something Republicans do all the time".

The tone inside the courtroom was collegial, in contrast to the venom of Kavanaugh's confirmation fight.

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Roberts took no action on them while Kavanaugh's nomination was pending.

As a result of the nomination's escalation into a party issue, Kavanaugh's confirmation has hurt the reputation of the Supreme Court, which is supposed to be above politics and partisan ideology.

Kavanaugh was Trump's second selection for the nation's highest judicial body, following conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch previous year. With the elevation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court seems secure for constitutionalism - perhaps for decades. "My goal is to be a great Justice for all Americans and for all of America". The framers laid out their vision for the Supreme Court in article three of the constitution as the branch of government that would serve terms for life. Gorsuch responded with a faux grimace of pain. The law requires a 15-year minimum sentence for firearm offenders who have three prior serious or violent felony convictions.

"When I say we, you know, 'we kick 'em, ' I don't mean we do anything inappropriate". The "Gorsuch wasn't accused of rape, but Kavanaugh was; therefore, Kavanaugh is guilty" tactic was an age-old gaslighting play from the Democrats' and DMIC playbook.

In a letter Wednesday to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit, Roberts said he selected the court in Colorado to "accept the transfer and to exercise the powers of a judicial council with respect to the identified complaints and any pending or new complaints relating to the same subject matter".

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Before Tuesday's arguments, the justices turned aside appeals of a 2017 ruling authored by Kavanaugh while on the lower court striking down a 2015 environmental rule imposed under Democratic former President Barack Obama regulating a potent greenhouse gas linked to climate change.

Soon after Collins' speech, Avenatti was blamed by many for helping to facilitate Kavanaugh's confirmation.

But it wasn't until September 16 that Christine Blasey Ford went public alleging that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 36 years ago during a high school gathering in suburban Maryland.

Two other lawmakers seeking re-election this year have also had to address sexual misconduct charges. Kavanaugh's defense of his reputation and family amidst sexual assault allegations is a great example of strength rejoicing in the challenge. Ginsburg later expressed regret for her remarks but has not stepped aside from any case involving Trump.

Kavanaugh embodies much of what Hillsdale as an institution stands for. A public swearing in ceremony was held at the White House on October 8 and Kavanaugh was surrounded by his wife and two daughters, his parents, members of Congress, all eight current member of the Supreme Court, and supporters from Washington, D.C.'s legal and Catholic communities.

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