The truth about the side effects of flu vaccine

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With flu season approaching, Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (Taiwan CDC) held an event on October 15 to urge the public to get a flu shot as soon as possible, according to a press release posted on the agency's website.

"The more people who get the vaccine, the more chance that we can avoid an epidemic", Taege said. Last flu season, DPHHS recorded over 10,000 cases, 979 hospitalizations, and 79 deaths related to influenza.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada's FluWatch, there were 64,403 lab-confirmed cases of influenza in Canada last season, mostly Influenza A/H3N2. This can partly be attributed to less access to medical care in rural areas like the reservation and a higher incidence of other illnesses, such as diabetes, which make it harder for the body to fight off the virus.

Experts in influenza from around the world conduct virus surveillance year-round.

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It also says vaccine supplies are "in line with requirements". To put that in proper context, mild flu seasons tend to kill about 12,000 Americans, and more severe flu seasons kill up to 56,000.

According to the health unit website, signs of influenza include fever, headache, chills, cough, fever, stuffy nose, sore throat, muscle aches, extreme weakness, and tiredness. The best way to prevent the flu is by being vaccinated.

First, college students are more susceptible to the flu and other illnesses than other populations.

In a situation update today, the CDC emphasized that the flu vaccine is the best way to protect against flu and potentially serious complications.

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Dr Walters believes many are suspicious about their unrelated sniffles around the time of getting the flu shot.

"There is not a shortage of flu vaccine", said Mary Anne Holmes, manager of vaccine-preventable diseases for the Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit.

"We know that the flu vaccine is not wonderful". Some common misconceptions about the influenza vaccination is that it doesn't work or that the vaccine itself causes sickness. Even for people without those complications, flu symptoms can disrupt work, school or social life for several weeks or more. The flu vaccine is available as a shot and as a nasal spray. During the 2017-18 season, there were 272 flu-related deaths in Iowa.

How long does it take for the vaccine to take effect?

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Increasing air circulation in the room can dilute flu viruses in the air and limit their spread. NACA offers integrated care to all people of all cultural backgrounds.