Third-gen Chromecast sold early by Best Buy

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I frequently share my general dislike for Best Buy due to their general lack of knowledge and seemingly inherent disregard for Chromebooks but man, they have become the place to go if you want to see a product before it's released to the public. The user also explained what happened and how he was able to get the device. However, this Google event might also see other Google hardware products getting showcased such as a recently leaked Google Home Hub smart speaker with a display and a next-gen Chromecast model. The third-gen Chromecast won't be out until October 9th but it looks like someone was able to get their hands on it early because of a Best Buy employee selling the device before its release date. "I thought it was just a design refresh taking queues from the Chromecast Ultra". The user notes that the new model seems slightly thicker, no longer has a glossy top, and the Chrome logo has been replaced by a small Google logo.

The mistake seemed honest enough as well: GrooveStreetHomie had picked up the Chromecast at the USA outlet, when he noticed that the packaging was slightly different.

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As you can see in the following image, the new Chromecast is nearly identical to the old one, although there are clear visual differences that will help you differentiate between different Chromecast generations. The device retains a micro-USB port and removed the magnets for the HDMI connector to tuck to the bottom of the device.

In August an FCC filing by Google suggested that a next-gen Chromecast streamer with improved wi-fi connectivity and full Bluetooth support would soon be on its way.

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Sadly, the Redditor was unable to use his new device because the Chromecast is telling him to update his Google Home app to a version that has yet to be released. Google will likely launch all these devices (and maybe more) on October 9 which will finally end all speculations about these devices.

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