Thomas law prof, Kavanaugh classmate calls for probe into accusations

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Amongst Kavanaugh's claims during the Ford hearing was that the drinking age in Maryland was 18 while he was a senior in high school, making his drunken shenanigans more founded. The two then stood and went into an anteroom, where they were joined by other senators, mostly Democrats. Prior to knowing about the inside joke shared between Kavanaugh and several of his classmates, Dolphin was one of the 64 women who signed a letter earlier this month attesting to Kavanaugh's character and good behavior during his high school days.

Sumer Ghazala, a first-year law student, said some students felt they had a special responsibility to speak out because of the school's connection to Kavanaugh. He seemed to compare it to Quarters, a popular drinking game in which players toss coins into shotglasses.

Many are Googling those words now, particularly "Boofed" and "Devil's Triangle".

The Wikipedia page for Devil's Triangle was briefly changed Thursday during Brett Kavanaugh's hearing.

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After news broke that Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme Court, Harvard Law School Dean John F. Manning congratulated the judge and thanked him for the "generosity, dedication, and collegiality he has shown our community", according to a statement on the law school's website.

Maybe you could forgive or suspend disbelief over one sexual reference, but the yearbook also mentions "boofing".

In the Yale lounge, students laughed and clapped at Ford's assured reply to a question on how she was sure that it was Kavanaugh who assaulted her: "The way that I'm sure I'm talking to you right now, it's just basic memory functions", Ford said.

On Friday morning, Flake announced he would vote to confirm Kavanaugh, a decision that gave his fellow Republicans the votes needed to squelch a Democratic uprising against the federal appeals court judge and pave the way for a full Senate debate. As well as the term 'Devil's Triangle.' Perhaps Sen. The New Yorker said it "refers to the practice of anally ingesting alcohol or drugs".

"No", said Whitehouse, unamused. Another unnamed classmate told the New Yorker Kavanaugh could be "aggressive and even belligerent" when he drank.

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'He was trying to portray that it's one or the other, and at Yale there are many people for which it was both, ' she said.

Kavanaugh has not yet responded to speculation over any of the phrases Avenatti has acknowledged. He called Schroeder "a good female friend" who his friends "would admire and went to dances with", and that the joke was "clumsily meant to show affection and that she was one of us". Chris Dudley was the one who went in, under the "egging on" of Brett Kavanaugh and they thought it was amusing.

Ms Brookes was also roommates with another Kavanaugh accuser, Deborah Ramirez, but says she never saw him sexually abuse anyone nor did she feel unsafe around him.

Typically, background investigations do not go back decades, as will be needed in Kavanaugh's case because the allegations are about things said to have happened during his teenage years. I did some stupid things, but I never sexually assaulted anybody. "I will have no further comment".

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