Tom Hardy clarifies what he meant from previous Venom interview

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More monster movie than a superhero one, Sony's attempt to expand its Spider-Man franchise with this solo vehicle for one of his more colorful villains makes a mess of the tone, staggering from horror-tinged nastiness to split-personality comedy. You can't speak freely about your projects without someone quoting them out of context or weaponizing your words against you.

Should the Sony universe ever merge with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, mutual hatred of Carnage might even mean a Spider-Man and Venom team up somewhere down the line.

Below, you'll find just a sampling of what people are saying and while the Rotten Tomatoes score hasn't been revealed at the time of writing, we don't imagine it'll be very high.

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The initial plan for the Venom movie was to do a full R-rated horror movie, but the studio eventually backpedalled on that plan and instead chose to focus on the solid PG-13 age rating which is what your typical Marvel movie would be targeting.

Fleischer continues, "He's just really inspiring". Clearly, this didn't happen, but I'd argue that Venom's creative team (Fleischer and writers Jeff Pinkner, Scott Rosenberg and Kelly Marcel) still have a decent handle on what makes Venom tick.

"'Venom' isn't quite bad, but it's not exactly good either". Others have no idea what he's doing. "There was a lot of range to play within the psychological dynamics of this superhero movie", he says. If that sounds ridiculous, it is - but "Venom" both knows it and leans into it, playing up the dark humor until it's pitch black. "'We are Venom, ' is their mantra". "The film's few bright spots are largely due to Hardy's interplay with himself", Prudom wrote in part. The alien matter splattering itself around like random tentacled liquid, the way Venom cross-breeds Spider-Man's skyscraper-hopping agility with the Hulk's dynamo destructiveness - it's all diverting eye candy. Nevertheless, would I like to watch a 7-hour version of Venom? Yep! But Venom, the character, never comes into focus until the last five minutes, when it finally, at long last, starts to get interesting. Spider-Man 3 grossed almost $900 million after opening in May 2007, but reviews were unkind, specifically with regards to the Venom storyline.

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Tom Hardy's Venom touches down in theaters nationwide this weekend, and the review embargo has been officially lifted today. Fans fell in love with this outspoken and quirky anti-hero: enormous fangs, merciless mindset and all. It's kind of astonishing how bad both Hardy and Williams (and Ahmed, for that matter) are in this movie, but Eddie and Anne are barely one-dimensional characters with nearly nothing of substance to do.

Despite Tom Hardy's star power and the popularity of the Marvel universe, the film has been receiving very mixed reviews, now holding a 30 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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