Trump does victory lap after bitter Supreme Court battle

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The US president said Mr Kavanaugh was "caught up in a hoax that was set up by the Democrats", adding: "It was all made up, it was fabricated, and it's a disgrace".

Kavanaugh's colleagues have signalled that they'll welcome him, notwithstanding any misgivings some may have had over his Senate testimony.

The Kavanaugh confirmation has blown open the midterm elections from being a national referendum on Trump's stewardship to a raw emotional discussion over the lack of women in power and how to handle sexual misconduct allegations.

'The American public has seen this charade, has seen this dishonesty by the Democrats, ' Trump said.

In the meantime, Kavanaugh will attend a swearing-in ceremony with President Trump Monday at the White House, and his first vote as an associate justice could come as early as Tuesday.

Kavanaugh's hiring choice come after his contentious Supreme Court confirmation that was overwhelmingly opposed by women; polls released in late September showed only 26% of women supported the confirmation, including less than half of Republican women. Kavanaugh's new benchmates will include Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who's praised the "Me Too" movement of women coming forward to say they were the subjects of sexual misconduct, as well as Justice Clarence Thomas, whose 1991 nomination nearly failed in the face of sexual harassment allegations.

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According to a new report from Planned Parenthood, 25 million USA women of reproductive age "are poised to lose access to abortion immediately if Kavanaugh is the fifth vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade". "Not only the tactics of the Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, but then those who literally have our members under assault".

Other prominent Democrats indicate they have no immediate intention of pursuing an impeachment of Kavanaugh. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who joined the court in 1993, is 85, and Stephen G. Breyer, who joined the court in 1994, is 80; both are associated with the court's liberal wing.

Ness tried to backtrack with a subsequent tweet: "Brett kavanaugh will be dealing with death threats for the rest of his life being on the Supreme Court".

In an appearance on "Fox News Sunday", McConnell did not rule out the idea that another Supreme Court justice during a presidential election year, saying, "We'll see if there's a vacancy in 2020".

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) speaks to reporters after the confirmation of Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Protesters, majority women, flooded the U.S. Capitol on Saturday ahead of the Senate's confirmation vote.

Trump has previously delivered mixed messages about Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to detail her claims that she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh when they were teenagers.

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Democrats, Trump said, "tortured him (Kavanaugh) and his family".

The prolonged nomination battle has roiled American politics and passions - the vote was disrupted on several occasions by angry protests from the gallery - but handed Trump one of the biggest victories of his presidency.

Trump has reportedly predicted that he will confirm four Supreme Court justices during his first term.

She acknowledged the anguish of the protesters who interrupted the historic Senate vote, telling reporters afterward that "I was closing my eyes and praying".

Hirono pushed back on Collins' stance, arguing that there was corroboration on Ford's side but no corroboration of Kavanaugh's innocence.

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