Almost 5000 United States soldiers posted near Mexico border

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WASHINGTON, Nov 5 (Reuters) - Pentagon officials declined a preliminary Trump administration request for the us military to build facilities to house detained migrants as part of its new mission on the Mexican border, usa officials said. There is no plan for soldiers to come in contact with immigrants or to reinforce Department of Homeland Security as they're conducting their mission.

"Again, despite the noise in the media right now for all the reasons that we know, I would just tell you that the soldiers that are down there on the border right now know exactly what they are doing, they know why they are doing it, and they have the proper training and the proper equipment to do it", Dunford said.

Indeed, these four caravans now are traveling inside Mexico, totaling some 12,000 Central American migrants, as a separate Fox News report indicated on Sunday and as other outlets have noted. They are now making their way through the Gulf Coast state of Veracruz, and are around 750 miles from the USA border.

Trump changed his stance the following day.

"We're going to have tents".

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Also, the military is providing "both trucks and helicopter support and then also some medical support", Durham said.

Dunford told reporters Monday that US troops deployed to the southern border are there to assist the Department of Homeland Security.

Even so, the Pentagon rejected the request for the reserve "protection" force, while it simultaneously approved all of DHS' other requests for support with Secretary of Defense James Mattis' approval.

The official noted that the request was different than a previously approved DHS request from earlier this year to house migrant families further along in the immigration process, on military bases.

Federal authorities have awarded a $145 million contract to a Texas company to build 6 miles of wall along the U.S. -Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley.

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Trump said last week he plans to build tents to house migrants, who would be held in those facilities while the US government weighs their asylum request.

Active duty United States troops are barred from domestic law enforcement unless there is an emergency, but Trump has repeatedly raised the prospect of having troops enforce the border as he campaigns hard on the dangers of immigration ahead of the midterm elections.

Asked about the cost of the operation, Manning said it had yet to be determined by the Pentagon's financial services.

"The costs are being determined by our Comptroller and when we are in a position to provide them, we will do that", said Manning.

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