Google's conversational Duplex AI rolls out to some Pixel owners

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Earlier this year, Google demonstrated a new service called Duplex - an AI-powered program that could make calls on your behalf and talk to operators to make reservations.

For those unfamiliar with Google Duplex, it was shown making a reservation at a hair salon. The company's exhibiting some caution, and only allowing a "small group" of Pixel users to access Duplex at this time, but that's still a major step forward. We may see this experience evolve slightly as Google continues to troubleshoot and refine its operation, but this is already pretty exciting and we can't wait to see it expand and become available to new users, in new regions, and across additional devices. It is available in select cities, that probably include the ones announced by Google recently - Atlanta, New York, Phoenix, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

With restaurants that are eligible, Assistant starts off by asking you about the number of pax, which is limited to 10 now.

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GOOGLE HAS STARTED to roll out its controversial Duplex AI technology to its flagship Pixel phone range. If you have access to Duplex and the restaurant accepts reservations that way, the process should then begin.

Restaurant owners can, for example, opt-out using the "My Business" app for Android and iOS.

Google previously said human operators will be standing by as backup should a call go off the rails. If the receiver doesn't want the call to be recorded, Duplex will hand over the call to a real person.

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The creepy demo made headlines across the world, but reports suggested that Google faked the phone call and misled viewers and investors.

Venture Beat was not only able to get the video of Duplex in action on a Pixel that you saw above, but also one from the restaurant's point of view.

It sounded like any other women talking, but one half of the conversation was held by Google's AI-infused digital assistant.

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According to Google, it will work most of the time you will use and the system worked every time they tried it. For instance, for users to really have the convenience of getting Duplex AI to reserve a seat at the restaurant, the specific outlet too should be ready to deal with such instances.