Hyundai, Kia Cars Will Offer Solar Roofs After 2019

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Hyundai and Kia will introduce solar charging panels on selected models from next year. The second-generation solar roof will use semi-transparent panels, and Hyundai envisages it as being used on internal combustion cars.

Under optimum conditions, Hyundai says the solar roof can recharge 58 per cent of a hybrid's battery on a summer's day, and around 30 per cent in winter.

Korean auto manufacturer Hyundai will adopt solar panel charging technology for electric and hybrid vehicles from next year, including cars released under the Kia brand.

The solar charging technology is being developed to support the vehicle's main power source, improving mileage and reducing Carbon dioxide emissions.

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The renewable electric charging system will be incorporated into the roof or the bonnet of vehicles and be able to support internal combustion, hybrid, and battery electric vehicles.

Hyundai and Kia have just announced that they will be offering solar roof panels on their cars. Here, a semi-transparent solar panel can be added to a panoramic sunroof, boosting a vehicle's battery while still letting light into the cabin. The third generation of the technology will see the introduction of a lightweight solar roof for battery electric vehicles.

The company says that the third-generation system for battery electric vehicles is still now in testing and has now offered up no further details on this.

It hasn't yet been confirmed which Hyundai and Kia vehicles will feature the technology first or when it's likely to become available in the UK. That would give EVs even more solar-panel real estate to convert to energy for batteries, extending range and reducing reliance on grid power, which could come from dirtier sources.

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"In the future, we expect to see many different types of electricity-generating technologies integrated into our vehicles", said Jeong-Gil Park, Executive Vice President of the Engineering and Design Division of Hyundai Motor Group.

You might have heard about solar panels on a car's roof, but the hood?

The last will be for electric cars and is now in the testing phase.

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