Iranians rally to mark anniversary of US Embassy takeover

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The accord provided Iran with billions of dollars in relief from global sanctions in exchange for sweeping curbs on and inspections of its nuclear program.

File photo of USA president Donald Trump. The move incensed US allies in western Europe, who had begun to make significant investments in Iran, as a result of the Obama-era nuclear pact, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPoA.

Israel has been a fierce opponent of the 2015 nuclear deal from which the US withdrew in May, saying the accord failed to rein in Iran's regional military threat.

The US has said it will temporarily allow eight importers to keep buying Iranian oil, with China, India, South Korea, Japan and Turkey - all top importers - expected to be among those given temporary exemptions to ensure crude oil prices are not destabilised.

Iran has dismissed these charges and maintains that its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes. "Today, it's not just us who are angry with America's policies".

HBO issued a warning to Trump after the U.S. president tweeted an image of himself looking off-camera while striding forward on top of a moody grey background, with the words "Sanctions are coming".

"They're aimed at a singular goal, denying the world's largest state sponsor of terrorists the capacity to do things like they did this past couple weeks, attempted assassination campaign in the heart of Europe", he said.

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The US stance has already inflicted serious pain on Iranians, with the country's currency, the rial, losing more than two thirds of its value since May.

The US will unleash its "toughest ever" sanctions against Iran on Monday following a wave of protests across the oil-rich country.

It followed a fiery speech from Ayatollah Khamenei on Saturday, in which he warned the United States would not "re-establish the domination" it had over Iran before 1979. That'll take us some number of months to do that. While the International Monetary Fund had projected Iran's economy to reflect a 4 percent growth next year, he said it has now updated its projection to an estimated 3.6 percent decline.

Unsurprisingly, Wallace wasn't satisfied with Pompeo's answer, so he asked again: "Specifically, sir, do you have a firm commitment from India and China that they will stop all oil purchases from Iran in six months?"

"Iranian exports and production had been declining steadily in advance".

"They need a little bit more time to get to zero", Pompeo explained. This framework has also been approved by the USA for the 8 countries that would enjoy its waiver to keep the global oil markets calm. "The sanctions are truly coming", Netanyahu said.

Washington is re-imposing the sanctions after Mr Trump in May pulled out of a 2015 accord aimed at curbing Iran's nuclear ambitions.

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All of that said, as Pompeo noted on Friday, the waivers are not full waivers.

In his statement, Mr. Trump called on the regime to abandon its nuclear ambitions, change its "destructive behaviour", respect the rights of its people, and return in good faith to the negotiating table.

US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew Washington from the pact in May despite objections from close allies in Europe. "On Monday, 5 November, the termination of United States participation in the Iran nuclear deal will be complete".

The new wave of sanctions, the second since August, will target Iran's energy, shipbuilding, shipping, and financial sectors. He added that "the march to zero continues".

"The current restrictions will become permanent, including (elements) related to what the U.S. calls Iran's behavior in the region", he said. "Secretary Pompeo has been very clear that we have an ear open to what is possible".

"This is an economic war against Iran but".

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