Mass Shooting Reported At Borderline Bar & Grill In Thousand Oaks, California

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Officers on the scene said at least 30 shots had been fired and that victims would be at multiple locations as they fled, local media reported. I look up - the security guard is dead.

The gunman shouted something, but Ryan could not hear what he said.

"The gunman was throwing smoke grenades all over the place", a different witness told KABC.

Image: Authorities say there are multiple injuries.

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"It was constant, until he changed clips, then there was a pause and then he reloaded. and he kept on going and then he reloaded and kept popping them off". "It still feels like I didn't do what I should have done".

Police are responding to reports of a mass shooting at bar in Thousand Oaks, California.

Police also said it was an ongoing incident with an active shooter on spot.

"Please stay away from area".

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Dozens of police cars and emergency service vehicles were spotted at the scene in Thousand Oaks around 11.20pm local time on Wednesday.

The Ventura County Fire Department confirmed just after midnight that there had been reports of "multiple injuries" at the bar.

Borderline is a country music bar that hosts live music events.

It was college night and country two-step lessons were being offered Wednesday at the Borderline, according to its website.

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