MI voters to decide on recreational marijuana, anti-gerrymandering, voting options

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Proposal 1 establishes a 10 percent tax on marijuana products in addition to Michigan's 6 percent sales tax. It also became the first state in the midwest to legalize marijuana.

If Measure 3 passed, it would have fallen on the state legislature to pull together a regulatory structure. Before Tuesday's vote 20 of the 50 states allow it for medical use. And while a majority of legal states only allow the cultivation of six cannabis plants per individual, MI will allow 12.

A ballot measure in North Dakota would make it legal for residents 21 or older to grow, possess and use marijuana in whatever quantity they want. The ballot measure comes ten years after MI voters approved the use of medical marijuana.

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The North Dakota initiative was also unique in requiring "automatic expungement of the record of an individual who has a drug conviction for a controlled substance that has been legalized".

Amendment 3, on the other hand, would have placed a 15 percent tax on weed you'd buy at a storefront, and a tax on wholesale bud.

Several states were added to the growing list of legal places to smoke marijuana. The latter is the only state that does not authorize marijuana stores.

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State laws allowing recreational use of marijuana have spread across the United States since Colorado voters approved one in 2012. Amendment two passed. That allows doctors to prescribe medical cannabis to patients.

More marijuana. A measure to legalize recreational marijuana in Utah had what the Salt Lake Tribune calls a "commanding lead" early Wednesday. "With such overwhelming public support for marijuana legalization, even including majorities of Republicans and older Americans, there's only so long that the federal government can continue to hold out".

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