Navy: Russian Jet Flies Dangerously Close to US Surveillance Plane

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The US Navy has posted a video showing one of its planes being intercepted by a Russian jet in worldwide airspace over the Black Sea.

Earlier, the press service of the US Naval Forces Europe-Africa Command published a press release saying that a US EP-3E Aries aircraft flying in worldwide airspace over the Black Sea was intercepted by a Russian Su-27 and that interaction was "determined to be unsafe".

According to the press service of the US Navy, the Russians made a maneuver on 5 November over the Black sea than compromising the pilots and crew. The incident reportedly lasted 25 minutes.

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The statement from the Navy added that the EP-3 was operating within global law and did not provoke the Russian jet. Passengers reported turbulence during the first pass and vibrations from the second. A US spy plane Boeing RC-135U made a reconnaissance flight on the Russian western border on last October 19. - We hope that [henceforth] they will behave in accordance with worldwide standards to ensure safety and prevent incidents, including the 1972 Agreement on the prevention of incidents at sea and airspace above it (INCSEA). A Twitter account for the Russian embassy in the U.S. posted a brief statement about the encounter on Monday saying the fighter jet "followed all necessary safety procedures".

Moscow has denied USA claims that one of its planes was intercepted over the Black Sea by an Su-27 jet in an "unsafe manner".

In November 2017, a Russian fighter crossed within 50 feet of a USA surveillance aircraft flying over the Black Sea, blasting its afterburners and forcing the American plane into turbulence that caused it to tilt into a 15-degree roll.

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Encounters between Russian and well as North Atlantic Treaty Organisation warplanes have increased as Moscow has been seeking to demonstrate its resurgent military might.

United States officials said Russia's military could exercise within worldwide airspace, but the pilot's behaviour was wrong.

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