Polls are open! Election Day 2018 is underway in Chicago

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Suleman said they expect polls to be busy during the first wave of voters until around 9 or 10 a.m.

Oklahoma voters are required to show identification before receiving a ballot, which can include a state driver's license, USA passport, military identification or a Voter Identification Card issued by a county election board.

Fill out a sample ballot: These "practice sheets" can sometimes be available on your county website (it was in my case), but if not, you can find one at Ballotpedia. Half of them started to work again over an hour later. After the ballots are logged in, the signatures on the envelopes are validated not by computers, but people.

Monmouth County Clerk Christine Hanlon said stickers were included in the material she sent to cities and towns, but it's up to the Board of Elections to distribute stickers to poll workers to hand out. There's no state regulation about the "I Voted" stickers that have grown to become a "thing" to post on social media to confirm one's participation in the election process. At 7:30, the line was still more than 200 people deep, even though thousands of residents had already voted with absentee ballots.

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"It's enormous, absolutely", Hodson said. Those will reflect most of the about 430,000 mail-in ballots received through Sunday, Vu said. In the last midterm, in 2014, that number was around 338,000.

"For the next few hour we're looking at cloudy skies", he said just after the polls opened at 7 a.m.

"I am dropping by to vote", Holloway said. Election Day should be a national holiday so that everyone has the time and opportunity to vote.

Sanchez says he's paying attention now and did the research on some of the hotly contested issues.

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Petok says he has not heard of any major voting glitches.

Schmitz says he also cares about the grocery tax, the carbon tax and gun reform.

"We sent folks out to every site that was affected, as fast as we could", Fontes said in September, after his office launched an investigation into the problems.

Police and traffic control were in place Monday along a deep line of cars outside the Johnson County, Kansas election office. When all the ballots come, in they predict the number to be around 70 precent. Ballots returned after November 8 will not be counted.

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The next step? Moving to a system of paper-based ballots which are marked and then hand-fed into tabulators ... which in turn spit out printed receipts for the voter, enabling them to confirm their choices and preserve a record of their votes. Polls will be open across the state throughout the day.