Porsche 911 Completes Final Endurance Testing

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The image above has emerged as Porsche casts some light on the testing programme the 992-generation of 911 has been put through.

With an official reveal in sight, Porsche has been making sure the next-generation 911 (992) is up for the task of satisfying customer rigours.

Porsche is proud to announce it is "putting the new sports cars under a great deal of stress" and is evaluating it in different climate zones with temperature amplitude of up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit (85 degrees Celsius) and elevation changes spanning more than 2.5 miles.

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The testing focuses primarily on the chassis and engine, which have been enhanced even further to increase both performance and everyday use. Moreover, there are practical checks and stress tests for the completely new working idea in the cockpit, and in addition instruments and shows. The Porsche has also tackled the European Arctic Circle, roads in China, Nardo test tracks in Italy, and Germany's Nurburgring. The new driver assistance systems and enhanced connectivity must also be assessed as part of the strenuous testing phase.

In hot countries such as the Gulf States in the Middle East or Death Valley in the U.S., the air conditioning, thermal management, and combustion behaviour need to pass functional tests in temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius - so the interior components must not expand or contract and make noises when exposed to heat, for example. Additionally, the interior components must also not expand and make noises when exposed to heat.

In Finland's -35°C temperatures, the tests focused on a cold start, heating, air conditioning, traction, handling and braking, as well as a response speed of control systems responsible for driving dynamics.

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Finally, the models were likewise taken to the most reduced objective of the demise valley which is around 90 meters underneath the ocean level and afterward at a stature of 4300 meters on the Mount Evans, Colorado where the ability of the bi-turbo chargers and the fuel system was tried. These efforts, when put together, are integral in the carmaker's pursuit of ensuring the eighth generation 911 continues the tradition of being the best 911 of all time.

The nextgeneration 911 has proved to be the auto of all times.

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