Sri Lanka president summons Parliament amid political crisis

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This is disgraceful in that the government of Prime Minister Wickremesinghe has fought to preserve one of Asia's oldest democratic systems, to hold the rule of law, and to fight against corruption. To discuss this issue in more detail, Andrew Korybko is joined by Shenali Waduge, independent political analyst from Sri Lanka, and Jagath Perera, political activist from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The TNA's parliamentary strength has been reduced to 15 as a result and there was speculation that at least 4 more of them were willing to support Rajapaksa. The subsequent appointment of Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa as Prime Minister has led to a stable alliance which includes several lawmakers from the former PM's United National Party.

The move came a day after Mahinda Rajapaksa was sworn in as Prime Minister before the President.

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has urged Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena to revert to parliamentary procedures.

After winning the presidency as a neutral candidate in 2015, Sirisena accepted an offer from Rajapaksa to take over his Sri Lanka Freedom Party. Palitha Range Bandara, a United National Party lawmaker, has said that he was offered millions of dollars and a minister portfolio if he crossed over.

Adding an extra flair of global drama to everything is that President Sirisena recently alleged that a shadowy assassination plot was being hatched against him, which he confirmed on Sunday was the main reason why he sacked his Prime Minister. He is credited with ending a 25-year civil war.

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Our final topic, picked by you, dear listeners, earlier in a poll on our Facebook page, is "Sri Lanka: A Pro-Chinese Constitutional Coup?", focusing on the latest drama in this Indian Ocean island nation. Rajapaksa's return could increase China's clout in Sri Lanka.

Premajayantha said that parliament needed time to prepare to meet and there was not enough time to meet on November 5. Jayasuriya, in a meeting with political party legislators, said President Sirisena had in a telephone conversation informed him that parliament would convene on November 7 and a gazette notification would be issued either Friday or Saturday. On Tuesday, thousands of Sri Lankans protested in the capital demanding Sirisena immediately convene Parliament. He tweeted: "the people's voices have been heard".

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