White House Bars CNN Reporter After Verbal Duel With Trump

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President Donald Trump gets into an exchange with CNN reporter Jim Acosta during a news conference a day after the midterm elections in the East Room of the White House in Washington, on November 7, 2018.

CNN has labeled Sanders' characterization of Acosta's exchange with the intern as a lie.

When an intern attempted to take the microphone away from Acosta, he seemed to push away her arm - an incident that prompted press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to suspend his press pass.

In response, both CNN and journalists who had been at the press conference voiced support for Mr Acosta as the White House Correspondents' Association issued a statement saying it objected to the administration using security credentials as a tool to punish reporters.

In his weekly column, published to his website Wednesday, before the White House announced action against the reporter, O'Reilly concluded that "the Trump administration would be in the right if it pulled Acosta's credentials".

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The reporter was in the midst of a terse back-and-forth with Trump, whom he was trying to ask a question about a migrant caravan heading for the U.S.

CNN Vice President of Communications and Digital Partnership Matt Dornic said it was "absolutely shameful" that Sanders had released a "doctored" video.

"There is a direct line between Jim Acosta's behavior at that press conference and what happened at our friend Tucker's house".

"You have to treat the White House of the office of the presidency with respect". The channel said the revocation "was done in retaliation for his [Acosta] challenging questions". But others say the CNN reporter should have just handed it over. But in effect, the White House is trying to veto Acosta.

Prior to his time at CNN, he worked as a correspondent for CBS News, reporting from Baghdad on the Iraq War, and covering Hurricane Katrina. "Ask tough questions, avoid making statements or arguing during a press event and report the news, don't become the news". "I want to challenge you", Acosta began in the packed room of reporters.

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When NBC reporter Peter Alexander took the mic for the next question, he defended Acosta as a "diligent reporter" - earning Trump's ire.

He continued, "When you're in the White House, this is a very sacred place to me". Trump called the journalist a "rude bad person" and accused his network CNN of reporting "fake news". Trump's insults "are nothing new. What a stupid question, and I watch you a lot, and you ask a lot of stupid questions".

Following the argument, the White House suspended Acosta's press pass for an unspecified duration.

The president complained that the media did not cover the humming economy and was responsible for much of the country's divided politics.

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