Xiaomi has introduced headphones"killer" AirPods

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Interestingly, Xiaomi's all-new Mi AirDots comes with one similar technology which is also found inside the Apple AirPods - the true wireless stereo (TWS) technology.

In the a year ago, Chinese phone makers have been busy building their own versions of Apple AirPods and today the so-called "Apple of China" joining the club as well.

Xiaomi unveiled a pair of truly wireless earbuds – the Mi AirDots Youth Edition.They cost just CNY 200 – thats $29/€25. The Xiaomi AirDots also have touch controls on the side of the buds and come with the now standard charging case. The price of the Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition is 199 yuan, around 28 USA dollars in exchange, and will be offered for sale on the Chinese market on 11 November this year, but it will not be long before it reaches the rest of the countries.

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Xiaomi has launched Mi AirDots Youth Edition with Bluetooth 5 support.

The listing for the new pair of Apple AirPods was discovered in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group's regulatory database early this month. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation from Xiaomi as to when its new products can be expected in the Indian or global markets.

Like with most other Xiaomi products, the AirDots are unlikely to be available outside of China.

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Sources also suggest that the AirPods 2 could support Siri and be water-resistant, in addition to releasing with the promised, yet evasive, wireless charging case, but none of those reports have been confirmed.

What's clear on the other hand is the fact that the tech for wireless earbuds will continue developing to the point in which they become a part of the box in which phones come pretty soon. Once juiced up, the earbuds reportedly provide a playback time of four hours. You will be able to buy via Xiaomi Youpin, Xiaomi Mall, Jingdong, Suning and Tmall.

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