Crying, Drew Barrymore drops the mask : "Some days are hard"

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The 43-year-old actress posted photos on Instagram of her doing the same workout pose, but she's 25 pounds lighter in the after photo.

Barrymore, 43, left the "it" part somewhat open-ended, meaning it could represent how your interpretation of what you thought being a working parent, stay-at-home mom or "adulting" was going to look like and how you look before or after going through all the effort to make it all look ideal and effortless. "I want to present a five-part series and I invite you in to show the way it's supposed to look and the way it really is".

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Drew Barrymore is getting candid about the challenges in her real life, including getting fit and healthy. "I mean look at what Marnie helped me do in three months!" she continued, giving a shout-out to Marnie Alton of Barre Belle. "I showed up at my kids" school a little bit late this morning in some sweatpants and I feel like I didn't look like a proper mom and I started beating up on myself.

'What I can't hide is that some days are hard and not so pretty. and I realize I am lucky with solvable problems and my gratitude is never ending.

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"This takes me so much work", she wrote. "What I propose some days are great and lovely", Barrymore captioned the post. "Even if it is hard AF!" When i have time off in 2019.I'm comin for ya! If she said that she was "lucky" and "grateful", the actress has clarified his comments: "Sometimes, life can get to you and put you on the ground for a minute". PS may I just say I want to be these ladies on the front page.

Can you relate to Barrymore's post?

. "And I said, 'Victor [Fresco, the show's executive producer], can I lose 20 lbs. over the course of the show, and change my eyebrows and the height of my shoes and the body language and attitude and go from someone who's kind of naïve and unhappy to someone who's empowered and alive?' And he said yes, and so I got to make that transformation". "And if that DeLorean time machine pulled up every day, I would do it all over again". After all, I did get my dream.

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