David's Forecast - Rain and windy today, snow tonight

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HOW MUCH: "At this time we are forecasting a total snow accumulation of 3-5". A developing storm will track from the Southern Plains up to the northeast and near Iowa Saturday, before shifting to the east and into MI by late on Sunday.

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Back in the metro, rain showers will change to snow showers after dark, with snow showers continuing into Sunday. Any sleet or freezing rain is likely to be brief enough to limit any possible ice concerns.

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The showers will become more scattered during the afternoon as a warm front lift north of central Indiana. Heavier amounts will stay to the north and west of the metro. Snow levels will fall to around 2,000'-2,500' Friday night, possible less in heavier rain and snow. No snow accumulation is expected in the metro through this evening. Bad news is that snow return Sunday night with colder air being ushered in.

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The weather will really be changing this weekend across the state of Wisconsin. Snow showers will linger into early Monday morning before they move out. Wind gusts can work upwards of 35 miles per hour as temperatures climb into the upper 30 and in some spots lower 40s.