Far Cry Is Heading To The Post-Apocalypse

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Based on the teaser footage, and backed up by the leaked image, Far Cry: New Dawn will be a post-apocalyptic game. And no, that isn't a typo.

Your base of operations is one of the standout new features in New Dawn.

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Beware of Far Cry 5 spoilers below.

Intrigued by a rifle-wielding Nana, twin female antagonists, and the continuation of Far Cry 5's story, we asked what this standalone sequel has to offer to newbies. The game closes with the player character - presumably tied up - looking at Seed as he revels in the destruction he had predicted. In the years since the devastation wreaked upon Hope County by nuclear war, a new world has risen from the ashes. Those people that survived have emerged into a new Super Bloom biome; colourful and full of life. V and his demons can be seen in action in the extended trailer below. It's up to you, the player, to push back against these new foes and help the survivors. Mickey and Lou are the group's leaders, complementing each other's hard personalities.They've grown used to civilians surrendering on sight and could shape up as formidable foes.

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Decant is ready. "Far Cry: New Dawn is actually a great way to discover Far Cry", he says. The Brawler is one of 4 new types of enemy you'll have to face in "New Dawn".

New Dawn appears to very much be an evolution of Far Cry 5, and that includes bringing in the same style of companion system. Here, you can upgrade your weapons and vehicles. For further ness, keep an eye on Ubisoft's website. As well as having six new guns for hire to recruit while you're battling against the Highwaymen, players will also have the option to recruit two new fangs for hire to their cause - Timber the Shibu, or Horatio the boar.

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Expect to be attacked by all kinds of mutated wildlife. No Far Cry New Dawn price for India has been announced just yet. This has now been confirmed by Ubisoft at The Game Awards. At Prosperity, players can travel to locations across the U.S. ("from wetlands to canyons and more", according to Ubisoft), where they'll have to secure a package of valuable materials and get out as quickly as possible. They've definitely carried over a lot of the spirit of Hope County. Only time will tell.