Fortnite's new creative mode lets you build on your own private island

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A brand new take on a classic franchise, the whole idea behind the game was to bring arena FPSes back into style while giving talented creators from the community the chance to shine.

It looks that way.

What's also interesting here is that if a developer's game uses Unreal Engine 4, all the copies sold on Epic's digital store won't give a separate percentage to Epic.

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Epic Games to undercut Valve with own PC games store
Epic Games confirms it's launching its own store

The Epic Games Store won't just be selling games built using the company's popular Unreal Engine, with Epic indicating that even titles made in competing engines, such as Unity, will be available.

Follow the link above for more details and stand by for further updates throughout today.

The 30 per cent commission figure has been established for more than ten years, with the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store on mobile platforms helping to get developers used to the commission fee in return for convenience, lower costs and reduced risk.

Season 7 is going to have an icy theme, with snow already falling on the map.

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Could a new aerial vehicle be coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale with the release of Season 7?

The image below, released by Epic, shows how revenue is divided on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

In Season 6, for instance, we had a teaser poster featuring teasers for the DJ Yonder, Calamity and Werewolf Dire skin.

Right now, Fortnite is the most popular game in the world, so it makes flawless sense to keep pushing it. However, only time will tell whether we can expect the store to be sustainable with the current model. In Creative mode, you have access to all of the assets that make up the Battle Royale map, and by mixing and matching them, you can create new ways to play Fortnite that neither of the other two modes allow.

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Then, on the second poster, we could see what looked like a zipline being used. Season 7 is only a couple days away and fans can't wait to see what happens when the Snow Storm looming over the horizon finally crashes on the shore of the island.

All Fortnite players will be able to access Creative from December 13, but Season 7 Battle Pass owners will get to give it a spin early on December 6 when the latest Season goes live.

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