Google boots Cheetah Mobile, Kika apps after fraud allegations

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Flutter, which previously focused on the development of iOS and Android apps, now hits version 1.0 with the motive of extending its services to the web. "We take these allegations very seriously and our Google Play Developer policies prohibit deceptive and malicious behavior on our platform".

Since its launch in beta last February, Flutter has been used by early adopters to create hundreds of lovely applications. Google's Files Go file-management app found a place too in the Hidden Gems section along with How to Draw Comics, Unfold, and others.

Also, 2Dimensions announced the availability of Flare, a new tool for building vector animations, that can be embedded directly into the Flutter app.

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Instead, it is available as a direct download from the game's website (or, in China, not available at all; by contrast, PUBG offshoot PUBG Mobile was developed under licence by a Chinese studio).

Using Google's Dart programming language, developers can use Flutter to "control every pixel on the screen, and its powerful compositing capabilities let you overlay and animate graphics, video, text and controls without limitation". More specifically, it was alleged that the apps instituted click flooding and click injection while running, enabling them to "take credit" for new subsequent installs on the affected devices.

Another new tool for Flutter developers is Codemagic, which was built by a company called Codemagic and automates the process of building and packaging apps for both Android and iOS from a single automation.

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Widgets Rather than relying upon native platform widgets or using WebViews to present widgets, Flutter creates its own with a modern react-style framework, inspired by React.

Tim Sneath, group product manager for Flutter, wrote in a blog post that the platform is designed to help average people and companies create simple apps that are powerful, fast, and easy to edit.

Flutter, which made its debut at Google's 2017 I/O developer conference, gained quick popularity with companies like Alibaba and Capital One having built applications with it. "As with any new developer offering, it will now have to prove itself in practice and demonstrate the acceleration savings it promises for mobile app creation", he added.

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