Migrants Breach the U.S. Border Fence in a Bid for Asylum

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And despite what CNN's Jim Acosta and other Leftwing media figures would like Americans to believe, while the situation in Tijuana, Mexico continues to deteriorate as thousands of illegal aliens wait to gain access to the United States, the border crisis is also growing along many other sectors of the border.

Border Patrol agents say they rescued a family whose children were dropped from the top of the 18-foot border fence Monday.

The family attempted to cross illegally because they said they didn't feel safe in Tijuana, where numerous locals are not happy about the thousands of migrants awaiting asylum in their city.

Customs and Border Protection officials said that on the morning of December 3 security camera operators observed a group of six illegal aliens, including two small children, making their way over the border wall.

The new shelter is being run by federal authorities.

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Women look through clothes that were donated to the new shelter in an area known as El Barretal on Sunday in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dramatic images from the Mexican border town of Tijuana showed migrants from the Central American caravan, including many small children crawl underneath the fence and into the United States yesterday.

The Pentagon said U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had approved a request to extend the deployment of troops to the U.S. border with Mexico till the end of January.

As the migrants wait, some 1,700 from the caravan have been moved to a stronger shelter in Tijuana, after rains ruined makeshift tents, soaked blankets, soiled personal possessions and turned the sports stadium where they had been camped into a health risk.

Rachel's drastic action comes two weeks after a caravan of migrants arrived in Tijuana.

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McAleenan also noted that criminals leading these caravans give the migrants misleading information about the muddy asylum process in the USA, meaning they profit off migrant families because of the weak immigration laws.

Since being transferred to the new shelter, Tijuana's municipal authorities have refused to provide details about the migrants.

Human rights groups have question the legality of the president's proclamation.

McAleenan noted that the migrants' confusion at the border has left many desperately looking for a way to cross the border illegally.

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