Oregon hotel fires 2 employees who mistreated black guest

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The DoubleTree Portland hotel has fired two staff members, after they were caught on video evicting an African-American guest who was using his phone in the lobby.

Massey said in a video posted to Instagram that the guard told him he was a "safety threat" and accused him of trespassing.

Massey had been staying at the Portland DoubleTree after traveling to Portland for the first time to watch a Travis Scott concert at the Moda Theater.

"Call them, I'm waiting", Mr Massey responded.

"We have terminated the employment of the two men involved in the mistreatment of Mr. Massey", the hotel said on Twitter. He has called his treatment by the hotel an incident of racial profiling. On Friday, it placed the employees on leave during an investigation and said it would take "the appropriate measures to ensure this does not happen again". He did not answer further questions about who specifically would be put on leave.

A manager for the Portland DoubleTree told the Oregonian that they are working to resolve the matter with Massey, and characterized the incident as a "misunderstanding". "We have a zero tolerance stance on discrimination of any kind", the hotel said in a statement.

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The incident was one of numerous widely publicized confrontations this year in which people have called police on black people for innocuous activities.

Police in Philadelphia in April arrested two black men at a Starbucks coffee shop after a manager called police to say they refused to make a purchase or leave.

Massey's Instagram posts, which have since gone viral, reignited a national conversation over people who call the police on people of color who are doing mundane or normal activities, such as throwing a picnic or going home.

The announcement was made Saturday morning, two days after the NAACP of Portland issued a statement condemning the December 22 eviction of Jermaine Massey, an African-American guest. Massey couldn't recall his room number when the guard asked.

"I am a guest", Massey says. "He wanted to prove a point and did it in the worst way", Massey said on Instagram.

The officer then escorted Massey back to his room to collect his belongings, and offered him assistance to a different hotel, but he declined, police said.

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"Not anymore", the security guard responds.

In Massey's videos, a security guard identified as Earl can be seen telling Massey that the police have been called and he is no longer welcome at the hotel.

Massey asked the manager why he was calling the police.

Massey then shows the guard and the other employee the envelope containing his room key. Massey was eventually forced to give up the room.

The employees, who had authority to trespass people from the hotel, requested the officer contact a person in the lobby they had reportedly directed to leave the property.The officer spoke with the man, who gathered his items and left the location.

Massey drove himself to a nearby Sheraton.

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Oregon Public Broadcasting reports Massey's lawyers intend to pursue legal action. "We look forward to speaking with him". His mother called him after 11 p.m. because of a family problem, Kafoury said.