Prosecutors recommend no jail time for cooperative Flynn

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In the October 2018 documentary Trump's Showdown, FRONTLINE went inside the evolution of the president's battle with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Justice, and the special counsel - including by examining Trump's relationship with Flynn, and how the events surrounding Flynn's exit from the administration unfolded. He agreed to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller.

The addendum describes Flynn's cooperation here in two buckets: one regarding contacts between "individuals in the Presidential Transition Team and Russian Federation", and a second category that is entirely redacted.

Notably, however, the addendum does state that Flynn has "participated in 19 interviews with the SCO [Special Counsel's Office] or attorneys from other Department of Justice ["DOJ"] offices," which would be consistent with significant cooperation in a matter not under Mueller's jurisdiction (emphasis added).

Mueller's team credited Flynn with serving 33 years in the U.S. Army, including five years in combat. "The defendant's record of military and public service distinguish him from every other person who has been charged as part of the (special counsel's) investigation", Mueller wrote.

Flynn's case has been a contrast to those of other Trump associates, who have criticized the Russian Federation probe.

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Mueller's office has had varied degrees of success with the level of cooperation it has received from defendants who have pleaded guilty.

Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, is accused of repeatedly lying to investigators since his guilty plea. Stone has also waged a public campaign against Mueller.

He is so far the only member of Trump's administration to plead guilty to a crime uncovered during Mueller's wide-ranging investigation into Russian attempts to influence the 2016 USA election and potential collusion by Trump aides. He has instead spent considerable time with his family and worked to position himself for a post-conviction career.

"After 18 months - and you've got this guy in a vice grip for 18 months", she said, lifting up the papers on her desk and shaking them, "This?"

Flynn's false statements stemmed from a January 24, 2017, interview with the Federal Bureau of Investigation about his interactions with Sergey Kislyak, Russia's then-ambassador to the USA, as the Obama administration was levying sanctions on the Kremlin in response to election interference.

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"Several senior members of the transition team publicly repeated false information conveyed to them by (Flynn) about communications between him and the Russian ambassador regarding the sanctions", the filing states.

Wall Street Journal editorial page columnist and Fox News contributor Kimberly Strassel said many of President Trump's political opponents are "salivating" over the redactions in Michael Flynn's sentencing memo, but there is still no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

Flynn is scheduled to be sentenced on December 18. During those conversations with Kislyak, Flynn asked Russian Federation to delay or vote against the resolution, a request the Kremlin ultimately rejected. It seems that Flynn is cooperating in at least three ongoing investigations: a criminal investigation about which all details are redacted; Mueller's investigation into "any links or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald J. Trump"; and at least one additional investigation about which all information is redacted.

Flynn was forced to resign his post on February 13, 2017, after news reports revealed that Obama administration officials had warned the Trump White House about Flynn's false statements. The White House has said Flynn misled officials- including Vice President Mike Pence - about the content of his conversations.

So when it became apparent in the early days of Trump's presidency that Flynn was in the FBI's cross-hairs, and that both the agency and the highest levels of the Justice Department believed he had lied about his conversation with Kislyak, the news felt like a serious blow to the new president. He also admitted to making false statements about unregistered foreign agent work he performed for the benefit of the Turkish government.

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