Putin voices support for Venezuelan leader visiting Russia

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"Venezuela and Turkey have a transparent economic relationship of which gold is a component", said Erdogan.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan recently slammed US sanctions on Venezuela, while meeting with the socialist nation's President Nicolas Maduro.

Last month, the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela's vice president on economic development, Jesus Faria, said Maduro could visit Russian Federation by the end of this year to discuss economic projects.

"We know that the countries want to dominate and press, as they do with the rest of the world, and they have even threatened their lives and personal integrity", stated Erdogan.

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Underscoring that bilateral trade between Turkey and Venezuela had jumped to over US$1 billion in 2018, a more than sixfold increase over the previous year, Erdogan cited cooperation in various fields, including infrastructure, defense and energy.

Maduro is setting out on the road after hosting his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Caracas.

"An attempt against the nation": Diego Maradona slams attack on Venezuelan President Maduro Argentine football legend Diego Maradona has offered support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro after the leader was targeted by an alleged assassination attempt involving exploding drones on Saturday. In response, Erdogan said he was willing to strengthen trade ties. These attempts will further deepen instability.

Without naming the United States, Maduro decried sanctions and said Venezuela had the right to sell gold.

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"You can not punish an entire people to resolve political disagreements", the Turkish leader said, according to an official translation of his speech to a business forum.

He also praised Venezuela's socialist leader, saying Maduro's "exemplary attitude is very valuable at a time when enmity toward Islam has risen and Western countries are stoking hostility toward foreigners".

The government of Maduro signed in 2016 a series of agreements with foreign companies to carry out a large state mining project known as the "Orinoco Mining Arc" for the extraction of gold, diamonds and coltan, among other minerals.

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