Rudy Giuliani Blames Twitter For His Internet Ignorance

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Last week, someone turned one of Rudy Giuliani's Twitter typos into a website that declares, "Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country". "Out of control! Supervision please?" declared the former mayor of New York's tweet.

Mr Giuliani's tweet - which has been "liked" more than 39,000 times and retweeted more than 14,000 times - is still live, at the time of writing, four days after being created. Someone bought that domain and had it redirect to a site that makes fun of Donald Trump.

Because Giuliani doesn't understand how computers work, he then got angry that the link he himself typed was in his tweet, assumed it was Twitter itself allowing someone to "invade him" with liberal content - and went ballistic.

Basically what happened was that Giuliani's tweet had a typo in it, where he forgot to add an important space between two sentences.

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Keep that in mind as we travel back to Friday, when Giuliani tweeted some complaints about Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

This is not the first time a Twitter typo by Mr Giuliani has drawn the wrong kind of attention.

To bolster his argument, Giuliani noted that his second "period no space" error ("Helsinki.Either") didn't generate a link.

Even Mexico's former president Vicente Fox was amused, tweeting that "whoever is behind the, is a. genius!"

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Twitter essentially said that's ludicrous as it can not and does not edit tweets.

When Giuliani discovered this, he again used the social network, declaring that "Twitter allowed someone to invade my text with a disgusting anti-president message". "'I'm not telling them to lie, I'm simply telling them to tell the truth'". Time Magazine also may fit that description.

Unfortunately for Giuliani, a lack of spacing between his sentences meant that Twitter automatically detected the phrase G-20.In as a potentially valid web URL operated from India, and turned it into a link.

Well, the clever Twitter user jasondotgov saw a golden opportunity and registered the link.

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