Snapchat Unveils Lenses for Dogs

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Now it's handed this game-changing ability to dog lovers too. The social media platform has launched special lenses that are meant to work specifically on puppies. Pups were left out of the equation because filters allegedly already worked for canines, but dog owners knew that successful lens application on a dog was based more on luck than a systematic platform feature. Though the app helps in adding different animations to the selfies of their dogs, the lenses are human-oriented, so they don't work properly when it comes to the pets.

Available now for free inside the Snapchat app, the new lenses allow users to take photos or videos of their dogs and turn their faces into something goofy. The company failed to provide specific dates for these future lenses, however.

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With this new update for the customers, now you can try for creative animations on your dog.

Users can access these lenses on the viewfinder screen and point the camera at their dog. Snapchat said that there are more filters on the way and they are now in development. There are more accessories in stock that the company may release shortly.

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Snapchat announced the good news via YouTube last Monday, Dec. 24, just in time for capturing much-awaited holiday selfies with man's best friend.

With the Snapchat app open, tap on your dog's face.

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